Create Videos Easily with the One Button Studio

The One Button Studio, located in University Library 1 South, allows faculty, staff, and students to effortlessly produce professional-looking video. It’s as easy as pushing one button, hence the name. All you have to do is reserve some time, which you can do on site or online; bring a USB drive to save your video file; walk into the studio; plug in your USB drive where designated; and push one button to start and stop your video recording. The lighting, audio, and camera setup is automatically taken care of for you.

Northwestern's One Button Studio

Koyote Meiners-Rios, a Northwestern student and recent One Button Studio user, said, “I think the best part of One Button Studio is how easy it is to use. There are easy-to-understand instructions written out for you and it’s literally one button. It’s so simple. Everything is set up for you and all you have to do is plug in and record! With no experience and a flash drive, you’re all set.”

The studio is ideal for recording short lectures, student video assignments, project pitches, or presentation or interview practice sessions. Chyi Chung, Associate Professor of Instruction and Director of Spanish Language Program in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, said, "The One Button Studio is a wonderful tool that provides a low-stakes environment where my students can practice their presentations." The One Button Studio is located in University Library 1 South and is open whenever the library is open. Time can be reserved at: Be sure to bring a USB drive with you to save your video files when you’re done recording.

The One Button Studio is a prototype, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvements.