8 Ways to Make Canvas Work for You This Fall

Posted September 14, 2016 by Jeanne Kerl

We asked folks who work with instructors about ways that Canvas can make instructors’ lives easier. Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Let’s start at the beginning….here’s how you copy over material from a prior course site.
  2. Mute assignments.  This is just a reminder that you may want to mute all your assignments at the beginning of the quarter so that students don’t receive grades the minute that something (perhaps an error) is entered into the gradebook.
  3. Need to change the courses that appear on your dashboard? Here’s how to customize your courses list.
  4. Make your dashboard work for you. Make courses easier to find by giving each course a unique color or a nickname.
  5. Make your course accessible to all your students by following these tips.
  6. Inside your course site, would you like the left course navigation menu to be more streamlined? Learn how to hide links. You can also customize the order of items on this menu.
  7. Consider using Yellowdig to allow students to share their ideas with you and their classmates. Ask students to find real-world applications for course concepts and then analyze them. Here’s what another instructor said about using Yellowdig in his classes.
  8. Need to hold virtual office hours? Would you like to have a guest speaker in your course? Or do you plan to use videoconferencing in your course in another way? Check out Blue Jeans.

Here are some additional ways to learn more about Canvas.


Photo credit: early autumn leaves by liz west via Flickr