Classic Econ Games Available through MobLab

With a considerable suite of games, MobLab is the most recent addition to the educational technology landscape at Northwestern. While the platform has primarily been used in Economics courses, any instructor at Northwestern can access MobLab and assign a variety of games to their students at no additional cost.

Several subjects are covered through the various online games, including macroeconomics, game theory, bargaining, market behavior, and risk assessment. The platform also includes classic themes, such as the Prisoner’s Dilemma or The Tragedy of the Commons.

MobLab offers free online games in the area of economics.

MobLab does integrate with Canvas and offers limited functionality with the grade book, but some additional work is required on the instructor’s part and there is no single sign on (SSO) or automatic account provisioning for students.

You can sign up for a free instructor account and begin playing any of the dozens of games by visiting MobLab’s Instructor Sign-up page. This quick start guide also provides some helpful information on getting started. If you are interested in trying out MobLab in your course, please reach out to Faculty Support Services at We will provide you with the needed credentials to provision free accounts for your students.