Nebula is a Finalist for IMS Global Consortium Learning Impact Award

Nebula is a Northwestern alternative to the standard Canvas discussion board.  Nebula is a hybrid type of learning tool that at once offers analytic visualization of complex discussion dynamics and invites participation in that dynamic by having users contribute posts and comments directly to the discussion graph. Its visual approach is very intuitive to understand and use, promoting more rapid and frequent student engagement in the discussions.

Nebula is a 2017 IMS Global Consortium Learning Impact Awards finalist! If you like Nebula, public voting is open until May 17th. Read our whitepaper

Nebula: Northwestern Learning App

Nebula is a collaborative effort between Northwestern’s Department of Industrial Engineering (Jackie Ng, Seyed Iravani and William J. White) and Northwestern Information Technology (Jacob Collins and Bill Parod).

The Northwestern Learning Apps site has more information and a link to add it to your Canvas course with one click.