Display Any Screen in the Room

Solstice is a wireless display technology that allows faculty and students to easily display their own devices (Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone) on screen so students and instructors can learn from one another. 


Where Can I Use Solstice on Campus?


Solstice is currently installed in Annenberg G02, 132, and 303, and all of the classrooms in Kresge Hall and the Technological Institute (Tech) that are avaiable to reserve through the Registrar. More locations across campus coming soon!

User Guide
Getting Started / Connecting your Device

Connecting to Solstice
  1. Use your web browser to navigate to the URL displayed on screen.
    You can connect using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 
    If using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, download the Solstice app (iOS / Android).
  2. Follow the instructions on screen to download the Solstice software.
  3. Once you have the Solstice app open, choose the display you would like to use from the list of available displays or enter the IP address.
  4. From the share panel, choose whether to share your desktop, a specific app window, or a media file. You can share as many different items as you would like.

Connecting to Solstice
Controlling the Display

Anyone collaborating can manage the Solstice console, including rearranging, stacking, and hiding content.

To access the control panel, select the Go to Display View button in the upper right hand corner of the Share panel.

Connecting to Solstice
  • Hiding content: Drag content to the left side of the screen to put it on deck. This will hide the content until you drag it back onto the main screen.
  • Adjusting layout: Right click anywhere on the main screen (not covered by shared content) to choose how your content is displayed – aligned to a grid or freeform. You can also drag the shared content to rearrange the windows on screen.
  • Organizing content: You can stack content on top of one another to sort content into groups. Right click anywhere on a shared post to make it full screen (pushing all other content on deck), create a stack, or delete it. To organize content by user, click on a user’s “meeple”, or avatar icon, from the bottom of the display window and choose to show, hide, stack, or delete that user’s content.
Disconnecting from Solstice

When you are ready to disconnect from the Solstice display, select Disconnect from your Solstice window, or close the Solstice app completely.


What a treat in a programming class! Students can pop their code onto the screen, ask the class for help diagnosing their logic, or show off an elegant technique they are proud of.

Michael Peshkin
Michael Peshkin, Bette and Neison Harris Professor in Teaching Excellence, McCormick School of Engineering