Update on Provost’s Digital Learning Fellowship

The past year has been busy for the 2015 cohort of faculty receiving support for their digital and online courses and projects from the Provost’s Digital Learning Fellowship. Each year, the Faculty Distance Learning Workgroup selects proposals for innovative projects designed to enhance student learning and advance the use of technology in instruction.

Some highlights include:

  • Franziska Lys, in collaboration with the Multimedia Learning Center, is developing a custom app called LAVA (Language Assessment Verification Application). Her goal for the app is to “allow students to repeatedly self-evaluate their foreign language proficiency throughout their undergraduate career.”
  • Elisabeth Elliott has incorporated flipped and blended classroom components into her first-year “Flipped Яussian” class. The flipped model has allowed students to work at their own pace and receive immediate feedback through Canvas, making in-class time more productive.
  • Sara Broaders and Ben Gorvine are filming and editing video content for their project, “Statistical Self-Assessments and Tutorials for Psychology.” Their goal is to create a series of video content that will be useful for students taking statistics courses throughout Northwestern.
  • Alyson Carrel and Kara Young have implemented wearable technology across multiple negotiation courses in the Law School. The wearable cameras provide greater insight into body language and facial expressions compared to traditional cameras. Carrell and Young are also exploring ways that wearable technology may be useful in other fields, such as trial and personal injury law.

Faculty recipients of the 2015-2016 Provost's Digital Learning Fellowship will be presenting at the upcoming TEACHx forum for technological innovation in teaching and learning on May 16th. For more information on the digital projects currently in progress or to inquire about developing a project of your own, please visit the Online and Blended Learning Initiatives page or contact onlinelearning@northwestern.edu.