Video: Digital Learning Resource Hub

Northwestern Digital Learning is proud to unveil a new section of the website – The Resource Hub – to help instructors, staff, and students easily find a new tool or technique to enhance your teaching and learning experience or workplace collaboration. All of the options listed are supported through Northwestern Information Technology so there will always be a person ready and able to assist you in their use.  

The tools range from rooms on campus which make it easy to record professional videos with literally one button, to access to the University Library’s digital archive, to a technology that makes sharing content on any screen in a room a snap. There are also a number of options specifically for conferencing (video or audio conferencing with up to 100 guests) and a helpful recommendation guide to help navigate them. For the truly cutting-edge, we also have a few pilots running if you’d like to try something brand new.

What will you try in your next course? Check out the video below for a few ideas!

Northwestern Digital Learning Resource Hub