IBM Watson and Cognitive Computing at Northwestern

“Cognitive Computing” – the multi-layered application of a variety of machine-learning and human interface technologies - is assisting much of our online activity from shopping to social, medicine to music, dating to driving. Probably other examples come to mind from your personal, teaching, or research lives. This is due in part because these capabilities are increasingly productized for innovative use in a broad frontier of application areas.

Learning Analytics is one of these areas. Perhaps you’ve seen articles in Northwestern Digital Learning about the use of Natural Language Processing in Canvas discussion boards. Or perhaps you already use some of these tools, such as Discussion Analytics or Yellowdig Viz for your Canvas discussion board analytics. 

Free Bluemix Access to NU Faculty and Students

The IBM Watson Bluemix suite of “cognitive computing” services is one example of how a major cloud vendor is offering a coherent suite of services for unstructured data such as textual materials, visual materials, and human speech and conversation. The free-tier is available for faculty and students without credit. These accounts and tutorials are available to Northwestern faculty and students from the Northwestern University Software Center.

Upcoming May Events for IBM Watson Bluemix

To learn more about this we have three events coming up next month. IBM Watson will offer two sessions on IBM Cognitive Computing using Bluemix Services on May 3rd.  These sessions are appropriate for both those looking to learn what’s possible and researchers with a specific need in mind.  Topics will include an overview of the cognitive computing, and use of Watson services for Chatbots, Natural Language Processing, Tone Analysis, Image Recognition, Speech to Text, Text to Speech.

Choose an event and RSVP via the links below. 

  • General session:

May 3rd 10:30am -12:30pm Ford ITW Classroom

  • Student-focused session:

May 3rd 5:30pm – 7:00pm The Garage 

  • Hands-on technical tutorial:

May 4th 1-5pm Hilton Orrington IBM Watson Bluemix Hands-On Workshop 

This hands-on workshop will provide experience building apps with IBM Bluemix. Bring your laptop and please see the workshop prerequisites for help in establishing your Bluemix account beforehand.

For more information about IBM Bluemix at Northwestern, see NU Cloud Initiatives: IBM Bluemix