Updated Google Drive Integration Available in Canvas

It is now easier than ever to connect your Google account to your Canvas account! A new version of the Google Drive integration in Canvas makes using Google files within Canvas very straightforward. Through this integration, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets can be created, shared, collaboratively edited, and even submitted as assignments in Canvas.

Google Drive Collaborations: In the Collaborations tab in Canvas courses, instructors and students can create Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets and select with whom they wish to share their file as a collaboration. When instructors and students click on Collaborations in a course, they will see only the files they have been invited to access.

Google Cloud Assignments: Instructors have the option to create an assignment by sharing a file from their Google Drive account. When a Doc, Slide, or Sheet is selected, each student in the class will receive a duplicate in their Google Drive upon accessing the assignment. This is ideal for instructor-created worksheets or templates. When a student submits the file to Canvas, it is automatically converted into a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file. Instructors can then provide feedback in SpeedGrader.

Linking to or Embedding a File from Google Drive: Instructors can embed Google Drive files as links or iframe embeds through either the Rich Content Editor (use the Google Drive icon) or Modules (through External Tools). Students can also embed Google Drive files through the Rich Content Editor wherever it is available to them.

For more information and instructions, review this guide on using the Google Drive integration in Canvas.

If you have any questions or concerns about setting up the Google Drive integration in your Canvas course, feel free to contact Teaching & Learning Technologies at canvas@northwestern.edu for assistance.