TurningPoint "Clickers" Session March 20

Whether you're a seasoned "clicker" user or someone who's always wondered if a student response system could increase interaction with your students, two up-coming sessions with our TurningPoint representative will provide an opportunity to learn more and sharpen your skills.  "I love to work with clickers," said Rifka Cook, a Spanish instructor at Northwestern who's been using clickers for over a decade.  She uses clickers for games and to keep students actively involved in her classes.  Other instructors use clickers for attendance, polling, in-class quizzes and tests and even peer-instruction.  Students may purchase a physical "clicker" or use an app on their mobile device.  TurningPoint integrates with presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint, as well as the learning management system, Canvas.

Introduction to PowerPoint Polling Luncheon

On March 20, 2018, just in time to prepare for the spring quarter, TurningPoint will offer a session designed for new users to explore the polling application: creating polling slides, running a polling presentation, saving results, and viewing student data. Student response options, clickers, and mobile devices, will also be discussed. Additionally, the direct integration with Canvas will be demonstrated. This integration allows you to download your Canvas roster into TurningPoint for student tracking as well as uploading points directly back to your Canvas gradebook. Lunch will be provided at this noon - 1  PM session. 


Turning Technologies Clickers: Open “Office Hours”

Northwestern instructors and TAs are welcome to drop in at any time to the open “Office Hours” on March 20th.  The TurningPoint rep will be available for instructors to bring questions and comments for Turning Technologies.  Ask questions about creating polling slides, running a polling presentation, saving results, and viewing student data. Learn more about student response options, clickers, and mobile devices. Find out how to integrate TurningPoint with Canvas.  Office hours will be held from 1:30 PM – 3:15.