#TEACHx18 Recap

Over 250 colleagues from every school at Northwestern and 30 local and national institutions descended upon the Pritzker School of Law in downtown Chicago last week for TEACHx 2018, Northwestern’s annual celebration of innovation in teaching and learning through technology. It was an action packed day of engaging presentations focusing on this year’s themes of inclusive teaching and student perspectives.

The day kicked off with a poster session and some tech demos to get the brain juices flowing!


Despite seemingly at odds with the vibe of an EdTech conference, the ambiance of Lincoln Hall was a hit with attendees as they waited for the keynote to begin.


Once everyone was feeling suitably inspired, plenary speaker Dr. Yevgeniya V. Zastavker, Director of the Research Institute for Experiential Learning Science at Northeastern University and Associate Professor of Physics at Olin College of Engineering, boosted the crowd into the stratosphere with her heart-felt and though-provoking, “Learning in an Era of ‘Wicked’ Challenges.”


Following Dr. Zastavker’s inspirational address, concurrent sessions covered a great variety of topics and emerging tools.


Like a summer heat lightning storm, lightbulbs over heads began flashing.


Following lunch, one particularly popular session focused on combining two seemingly unrelated things – chemistry instruction and comics!


The day rounded out with talk of gamification, gender inclusivity, flipping the classroom, and assessments.


Until next year, Cody Connor said it best:

See you at #TEACHx19!