Easily Display Any Screen in the Room

No more flash drives! No more flash drives! The chant of undergraduates echoes through the halls of Northwestern. But no more! Wireless screen sharing is now available on almost 300 screens across Northwestern’s Evanston, Chicago, and San Francisco campuses.

Powered by a technology called Solstice, any monitor with wireless screen sharing enabled can easily display any device in the room (Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone) via a unique URL and pin. This allows anyone with a question or something to share in a class or meeting to quickly pop up their content for everyone to see.

“What a treat for my programming class!” says McCormick professor Michael Peshkin. “Students can pop their code onto the screen, ask the class for help diagnosing their logic, or show off an elegant technique they are proud of.”

Not limited to a particular use, Solstice-enabled monitors are in almost every building in common spaces, meeting rooms, and yes, classrooms. In fact, all of Northwestern’s Active Learning classrooms utilize this technology as a basic element of the classroom design.

Finding Wireless-enabled Screens

Monitors that utilize Solstice will have a sticker somewhere on them that looks like this:

Solstice sticker

That bitly link or QR code will take you to the following video which explains the steps to initiate a wireless screen share connection and the various options available to you while using Solstice.

Using the Wireless Content Sharing System at Northwestern

More Solstice-enabled monitors are coming online every week. If you’d like to request a Solstice pod be installed in your area, please email your request to digitalmedia@northwestern.edu. [Please note that there is a modest fee involved to purchase the Solstice pod.]