How Faculty Can Use Bluepulse to Collect Anonymous Two-Way Feedback

Just-in-time student feedback is a vital ingredient for instructors looking to design a class that both covers the necessary material in an engaging way but is also flexible enough to be course-corrected on the fly if something isn’t working exactly as planned.

As research has shown, many students, particularly those in large lecture classes, do not always feel comfortable answering questions in class or posing questions to their instructors. At the upcoming TEACHx preconference session on May 22, the facilitators will share how several Northwestern faculty from a range of disciplines and class contexts used Bluepulse by Explorance, a new online two-way feedback system that allows students to answer instructor questions anonymously, in ways that differ from other feedback tools.

“Learning about our students’ learning is crucial,” said Susie Calkins, director of faculty initiatives at the Searle Center for Advancing Learning & Teaching and sponsor of the Bluepulse pilot at Northwestern. “We need to help our students reflect critically on their own knowledge and skills—and their experience of learning—in order to help faculty identify ways to improve their pedagogical practices, course materials and class climate. We hypothesize that the two-way nature of the Bluepulse tool may help in this regard.”

This interactive workshop is designed to demonstrate the capabilities and potential of Bluepulse, as well as allow attendees to pose questions of their own. Session participants will also be able to experience how the tool works first-hand by creating questions to elicit information about their students’ learning, as well as thinking through how they might improve class activities and instruction.

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