The Canvas Student App

Carmen Awin-Ongya
This spring quarter, Northwestern Digital Learning’s Student Corner set out to find what tools students use to thrive during the academic year with a contest. Students submitted a description of their favorite digital tool or resource, accompanied by a short written response and video about how they use it. The winner of the $100 grand prize is Carmen Awin-Ongya, a second-year environmental engineering major, for her suggestion – the Canvas Student app.

​I recently sat down with Carmen to get a better understanding of how she uses the app, and how others may benefit from it.

First, Check out Carmen's Demo Video

Why did you choose the Canvas app?

“It’s one of the main apps I use for school. I use it every day for all of my classes. I rely on the push notifications on to stay updated. When I saw the poster for the contest, it was the first thing that came to mind.”

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all of the notifications?

“Sometimes, especially during the beginning of the quarter when the professor posts the assignments. Whenever I get overwhelmed, I turn my phone on silent. This an important skill to learn, I think. Knowing when to turn everything off so you don’t get stressed out as much.”

Do you submit assignments through the app as well?

“I usually submit assignments using my computer instead of my phone. More than not, my courses require that I submit assignments on Canvas instead of handing in a physical copy or even email. The mobile app is useful when I want to read an assignment description while on the go. I don’t use the calendar feature as much, I mostly use the app for announcements from professors or to access readings or files that I may need while I’m out and about.

What would you say to a student that doesn’t have the Canvas app on their mobile device?

“For me, it’s just easier. Instead of having to pull out my laptop every time I need to look at something, my phone is in my pocket or my hand most of the time. It just makes my life a little easier. So, if you have a smart phone and the space, why not try it?  It’s really useful when you have a lot of assignments to manage.”

Being a student myself, I completely agree with Carmen. The Canvas Student app can be extremely helpful to stay updated even when you aren’t near your laptop. If something in a class changes, or if grades are released, or even if class is cancelled (most of us have experienced the euphoria that occurs when you get to sleep in because your 8 a.m. class is cancelled), the Canvas Student app ensures that you are notified immediately.

For all of you out there that struggle with consistently checking email or with organization your academic life in general, the Canvas Student app may be a useful tool for you! It is available for iPhone and Android.

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