Student-to-Student Insights on Remote Learning

With connections to community and support now more important than ever, Northwestern students are leading the way, guiding fellow students in preparation for a successful academic year. No one understands the challenges students are facing in the transition to remote learning better than students. They are a vital source for insights on how to learn in a remote environment successfully.

As part of their ongoing work to connect students to peer resources, Northwestern's Academic Support and Learning Advancement (ASLA) identified students across disciplines, asking them to share tips and insights--developed after spring and summer quarter remote classes--to help prepare new students for college-level learning in an online environment. As expected, Wildcats were eager to help Wildcats, and the video below includes those student insights. 

Insider's Guide to Remote Learning - Northwestern University

 The ASLA office is a critical resource for undergraduates, offering several student-to-student support opportunities, including peer guide study groups, drop-in peer tutoring, and peer academic coaching. Please visit the ASLA website for more details on peer academic support. Students can schedule appointments with ASLA staff to identify the resources right for them.