On-Demand Training for Canvas, Zoom, and Panopto Now Available

We’ve all done it. You register for that training, workshop, or webinar that you really need, but when the time comes to log in?  You’re too busy, too Zoomed-out, or simply unavailable to attend the event. As part of our ongoing work to improve resources and training for instructors, teaching assistants, and staff at Northwestern, Teaching & Learning Technologies has created on-demand training that matches our core “live” workshops.  Whether you’re the kind of person who’s most productive after business hours, has trouble focusing during a workshop via Zoom, or prefers to learn at your own pace, our on-demand training will give you access to the information you need to navigate Canvas, Zoom, and Panopto with confidence.

What topics do these training sites cover?

The four training sites roughly match the content that is currently available from our Introduction to Canvas, Grading & Assignments, Introduction to Zoom for Instructors, and Using Panopto to Record Lectures workshops. Each training site is organized in modules, which will allow you to easily see if the topics you’re looking for are covered.

Who is the training for?

This training was built to address the needs of Northwestern instructors and staff who use Canvas. Anyone can access the sites and no special enrollment process is needed.

Can I send my teaching assistants here for training? As a TA, will I find this content helpful?

Of course! Graduate instructors are welcome at our live workshops (unless explicitly noted otherwise) and will also find many of the materials in these sites relevant for their role.

How should I use the training sites?

These training sites were built to be used in tandem with a Canvas prep site where you can test out the actions and concepts covered in the training. If you do not already have a Canvas prep site, we recommend that you request one before beginning the training.

Request a prep site from the Canvas Support Chatbot. (Requests submitted to the automated Canvas Support Chatbot can typically be processed with speed by the chatbot.)

Request a prep site from the Northwestern IT Support Center. (Requests submitted via this form will be manually created during regular business hours Monday-Friday.)

The sites are built in modules so that you can easily see the various topics and navigate around the course. You can take the course from start to finish or jump around and access the modules relevant to you.

I’ve already been to a Canvas, Zoom, or Panopto workshop. Will this training be useful for me?

If you’ve attended one of our Canvas, Zoom, or Panopto workshops, these training sites can provide a refresher on the content and allow for more detail than is typically possible during a live workshop. Because the training is on-demand, you can go at your own pace through the materials and review as often as you need.

I’d prefer a live workshop where I can ask questions directly. Are those still available?

Absolutely! We continue to offer weekly live workshops (via Zoom) on a variety of topics. See the updated list of workshop sessions and register.


How do I access the training sites?

Click on the buttons below to be taken directly to each of the training sites.





What if I have more questions after I do the training?

Members of the Teaching & Learning Technologies team are available for one-on-one consultations. Request a consultation now!