2021-22 Graduate Student Teaching Spring Symposium

2021-22 Graduate Student Teaching Spring Symposium

10AM-11AM: Searle Teaching-as-Research (STAR) Project Presentations 
During the 21-22 academic year, three Ph.D. students and two postdocs worked to do projects on learning and teaching.

“Teaching as Research” encourages students to investigate teaching using some of the same principles they would use in their disciplinary research. This is a great opportunity to explore questions being asked about student learning at Northwestern.

- John Brooks, Media, Technology, and Society, Promoting Community and Self-Efficacy through Collaborative Writing Workshops 
- Emma McGorray, Psychology, Examining the Influence of Students' Relationships on Academic Self-Efficacy 
- Lola Martín de Saavedra, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Does participation in the Service Learning project "Movies Together to Prevent Disease" promote empathy towards communities at risk of social exclusion?
- Bethany Sump, Molecular Biosciences, Investigating the student benefits to implementing Mutation Based Learning in a biology laboratory setting
- Joshua Tropp, Biomedical Engineering, Promoting the Learning of Acid-Base Chemistry in an Introductory Organic Chemistry Course Through a Writing-to-Learn Assignment

11AM-12PM: Searle Graduate Teaching Fellows Portfolio Presentations 
This year's Graduate Teaching Fellows (GTFs) created and facilitated quarterly teaching events in their home departments, inviting their peers to continue discussing and reflecting on teaching and learning within their disciplines. 

- Lauren Baker, Political Science 
- Alanna Felts, Chemistry 
- Tyler Talbott, English 
- Keary Watts, Interdisciplinary Programs in Theatre & Drama 

This event is hosted by the Searle Center for Advancing Learning & Teaching and CIRTL at Northwestern.