Making Art with AI: Tool, Collaborator, or Competitor?

Making Art with AI: Tool, Collaborator, or Competitor?

Proponents of artificial intelligence (AI) say that this is the dawn of a new age of AI-created art. Tools such as Dall-E-2 create impressive visual images, given just a few words as a prompt. AI song-writing competitions demonstrate the intersection of machine learning and music. Authors are exploring deep language models, like GPT-3, in the storytelling and creative writing process.

To shed light on whether AI is best thought of as a tool, a collaborator in the artistic process, or perhaps even a competitor to human artists, the Northwestern University Center for Human-Computer Interaction + Design (HCI+D) is bringing together a panel to discuss the implications of today’s AI models for generative artmaking.

Panelists will share their individual perspectives in the area of computer-mediated artistic creation, followed by an audience Q&A session.


Aaron Hertzmann
Principal Scientist, Adobe
Affiliate Faculty, University of Washington

Anna Huang
Research Scientist, Google Brain

Moisés Horta Valenzuela
Sound artist, creative technologist, and electronic musician