Rubrics in the Classroom

Rubrics in the Classroom

Workshop Description: 

Does grading papers take forever? Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome from writing the same feedback on all of your students' assignments? Are your students still confused about what a lab report should look like? In all these cases, rubrics can help! This workshop will explain the benefits and principles of rubric use and walk you through the process of creating rubrics for your own classroom.

Workshop Facilitators:

Dana Westmoreland is a fourth-year graduate student working in the lab of Professor Emily Weiss. Dana’s research focuses on the inorganic interface of semiconductor nanoparticles with organic capping ligands and the solution environment. She has served as a TA for four quarters in the Chemistry Department as both a lecture and laboratory TA, and is currently a Graduate Teaching Fellow for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Anne Boemler is a sixth-year PhD candidate in the Department of English and a Graduate Teaching Fellow. She studies how popular religious poetry became a means to teach laypeople Protestant doctrine and devotional practices during the English Reformation. She has been a TA for a wide variety of English classes and has designed and taught her own composition courses.