Teaching in Non-Traditional Classroom Contexts

Teaching in Non-Traditional Classroom Contexts

Workshop Description:

Beyond the traditional classroom, there are many different learning and teaching contexts, from informal workshops to outreach events. These are great opportunities to gain valuable teaching experiences and disseminate knowledge to diverse audiences. However, this range of learning contexts afford unique strategies for their design, which can pose challenges for the instructor. This workshop will compare different learning contexts and introduce participants to strategies that facilitate learning in non-traditional teaching contexts. Specifically, this workshop will discuss learner-centered design techniques.

Learning Objectives:

- Identify different non-traditional classroom contexts and their corresponding audiences.
- Formulate specific, learner-centered learning objectives for a chosen non-traditional classroom context.
- Implement backwards design to propose activities for a chosen non-traditional classroom context.

Workshop Facilitators:

Alexandra Tamerius is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry and current Graduate Teaching Fellow. Alexandra is passionate about science outreach, inspiring future scientists, and promoting science literacy. She is currently in her second year coordinating a 200-student outreach program at Hayt elementary, where she uses active learning strategies and evidence-based teaching to foster positive student engagement with science.

Katherine Simeon is a PhD candidate in Communication Sciences & Disorders. Her research investigates what strategies children use when processing spoken language and how these strategies change when a child has a hearing loss. Katherine has taught multi-day workshops with The Carpentries and was previously part of the organizing team for ComSciCon-Chicago.