Translating In-person Teaching Strategies Online, Part I

Translating In-person Teaching Strategies Online, Part I

The Searle Center for Advancing Learning and teaching will be offering training sessions for instructors and teaching assistants who are moving their teaching online and who are interested in developing and applying strategies that engage students and support active learning and community.

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

- Use the functionality of Zoom to present content; to encourage and respond to student comments and ideas; and to create student breakout spaces for small group work
- Identify strategies to minimize student discomfort in a technology-based learning environment
- Translate in-person teaching techniques into a virtual environment.


Participants have a Northwestern Zoom account; have updated to version 4.6.7 of Zoom on their computer; have a working microphone and camera and have tested them; for Zoom information, see the NUIT page here. 
Participants have spent 10-15 minutes exploring Zoom. They can
- Mute and unmute their microphone and video
- Open and close chat and participant windows; 
- Type in the chat window to everyone or to an individual 
- Switch from Speaker view to Gallery view
- Raise their hand