Writing Effective Teaching Statements: Getting Started

Writing Effective Teaching Statements: Getting Started

Beginning to draft a Teaching Statement can be a challenging process, particularly for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who may have limited teaching experience.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the characteristics of successful teaching statements and engage in the Generative Knowledge Interview process, which uses key moments as learners and teachers to help frame the value of teaching in their teaching statements. This is a highly interactive workshop. Writing and discussions with peers are expected of all participants.

Participants will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the conventions of strong teaching statements and generated content for a teaching statement draft.

The workshop is open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from all departments and disciplines, at all stages of drafting their teaching statements.

Prior to attending the workshop, please complete the following prompt:

“In about 150 words, describe what you believe is a key concept or skill in your discipline and how you do or plan to teach that concept or skill to students.”

Please bring your written response with you to the Writing Effective Teaching Statements workshop and be prepared to share with your peers. Please also bring your preferred writing utensils (paper & pen/laptop/tablet).