Last Updated: May 15, 2020 - 3:55 pm

When presenting students with online material, it is important to adhere to accessibility guidelines in the following areas:

Recorded material

Closed Captioning for Live Classes.

  • Captioning can be added by a captioner typing directly in Zoom. If you don't have a captioner, the best option is Alternative Communication Services (ACS), an organization AccessibleNU and Northwestern IT work with on a regular basis. ACS can arrange for captioners to join your meetings. View contact information and pricing details.
  • AccessibleNU also has instructor information for remote learning and can help make accommodations for students with disabilities. Should a student require live captioning as an accommodation, please ask them to contact AccessibleNU at

Captions for Recordings

Course Materials

Make sure your course materials are accessible to those using screen reader software:

Planning for student needs