Northwestern Digital Learning Podcast Series

The Northwestern Digital Learning Podcast is a monthly series that highlights innovations in teaching and learning across campus and online. Podcast topics are especially interested in interdisciplinary work or courses which push the bounds of traditional pedagogy and the student experience. 

Each article that accompanies an episode includes a complete text transcription. Click on the purple link below to read the article or the SoundCloud player next to it to hear the episode.  

Check out an episode (or jump to the most recent):

Episode 1, Dr. Michael Gisondi

Episode 2, The Knight Lab
Episode 3, A Dip in the Lake
Episode 4, Working Stories
Episode 5, Voice Juries

Episode 6, The Sounds of the Earth

Episode 7, Smellovision

Episode 8, Recording Audio to Improve Competency
Episode 9, Undergraduate Research
Episode 10, Singer Savvy
Episode 11, Exploring AR and VR
Episode 12, TEACHx19 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Ruha Benjamin
Episode 13, Experiential Approaches to Learning

Episode 14, Open Textbooks

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