Contact Tech Help


Zoom offers 24/7 live support, including national holidays. You will find Support in the upper-right-hand section of your account page or via the blue Help button on the bottom-right-hand side of your screen. We encourage you to bookmark Zoom Support and take advantage of the following support options.

School-Specific Support

In some cases, Northwestern schools offer individualized or supplementary support for students through their IT organizations. Learn more about school-specific support options.

Troubleshooting on Your Own

If you are on hold waiting to connect to support for Zoom or Canvas, you can try some things that might immediately help you solve a problem.

  • Try connecting your laptop or desktop to the internet via ethernet instead of via WiFi.
  • Turn off video in the videoconference and use only audio.
  • Check your residence’s bandwidth and Wi-Fi coverage; a stable internet connection of 10Mb/s for download and 3Mb/s for upload (or greater) is recommended. If watching videos or taking part in a web conference is difficult, you may need to notify your instructor. 
  • Visit the Northwestern IT Knowledge Base for self-help solutions to common technical questions and support requests.