Host, Record, & Share a Videoconference

Web conferencing at Northwestern is transitioning to Zoom. Effective, August 1, 2020, BlueJeans will no longer be available. Learn more.


Get Started


  1. To get an account and begin using it immediately, visit the BlueJeans login page ( and enter your NetID and NetID password via the Login button on the left-hand side of the page. An account is automatically created for you upon first login.
  2. BlueJeans is automatically included in all Northwestern Canvas courses on the left-hand navigation bar of the individual course. If you do not see the BlueJeans tab on the left-hand course navigation bar, please go to Settings > Navigation, and then drag and drop Blue Jeans into the top menu (it’s color will change from grey to black and it will appear in the left-hand navigation bar when you Save and refresh the page).
  3. Need help? Check out our help guides (basic and Canvas-specific) and YouTube demo videos



Here is an example of BlueJeans being used for a large online session with many Northwestern and non-Northwestern guests connecting from a variety of devices from across the globe. 

Blue Jeans demo


Key Features and Benefits

BlueJeans gives the Northwestern community the power to communicate face-to-face over video.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Supports high-resolution videoconferencing (720p), high-resolution content sharing, and real-time video sharing.
  • Allows up to 100 connections for any single meeting.
  • Meetings can be recorded with unlimited storage in the cloud.
  • Available end-to-end encryption for sharing of privileged or private data (not HIPPA compliant).

BlueJeans integrates with Canvas allowing instructors to conduct audio, video, and content sharing conferencing right within their Canvas courses. This provides greater opportunities for classroom collaboration:

  • Guest lecturers can now be brought in, by telephone or video, right from within the Canvas course site.
  • Student study groups can meet over Blue Jeans, allowing added flexibility when trying to coordinate schedules.
  • Instructors can offer virtual office hours to students when both parties may not be on campus.


Integration with Panopto

BlueJeans has developed an exciting integration with Panopto, Northwestern's desktop recording and media management platform. The BlueJeans integration with Panopto allows meetings that have been recorded in BlueJeans to be automatically uploaded into Panopto's platform. This not only provides a single location for all of your video content, but also allows for the meetings to be transcribed, highlighted and categorized for better search results.

To access BlueJeans recordings in Panopto, login to Panopto using your Net ID and password using the NU ADFS option from the Sign In dropdown menu and navigate to the BLUEJEANS_MEETINGS subfolder in your My Folder. Screenshot below.