Student Response System

The Student Response System (SRS), commonly referred to as clickers, allows instructors to pose questions and gather students' responses during a lecture.


Get Started


  • Instructors who wish to request an Instructor Kit or purchase a receiver may contact
  • Students are required to register their account and purchase a TurningPoint subscription to participate in TurningPoint sessions.
  • Instructions for registering your clicker and purchasing a subscription can be found in the Student Canvas Learning Center, Using Turning Technologies Clickers in Canvas.
  • Students may use either the proprietary TurningPoint hardware (clicker) or the TurningPoint App through their mobile device to submit responses.  Students should check with their instructors that they may use their mobile devices in class.


Key Features and Benefits

Responses are displayed in real-time to give the instructors and other students immediate feedback on the understanding of concepts or viewpoints on an issue. The SRS software component is an application installed on the instructor's computer that allows instructors to create an interactive presentation.

At Northwestern, faculty members have two options of hardware for the SRS: mobile or proprietary.  The mobile platform allows students to respond using networked devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones; the proprietary SRS is made up of two hardware components: a clicker (for the student) and a receiver (for the instructor).