Assessing Digital Learning

At Northwestern we are committed to assessing teaching and learning to continuously improve student learning outcomes at the undergraduate and graduate curricular and co-curricular levels. Assessment of digital learning is particularly important in order to build an understanding of which educational technologies and approaches enhance learning and teaching. Assessment occurs at various levels at Northwestern, but the questions at the core of our efforts include:

  • What do we want students to know or to be able to do upon finishing a course or program?
  • What ways of thinking do we hope they will acquire?
  • How do we know if students meet the objectives?
  • How can our findings be used to improve upon our academic and non-academic opportunities for our students?
Searle Center

The Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching provides Northwestern instructors and staff with useful resources for their own assessments of student learning.

Assessment and Accreditation Council

The Assessment and Accreditation Council advises on and facilitates matters related to student learning outcomes assessment. As part of their efforts, the Council has established the annual Learning, Teaching and Assessment Forum. A Council Subcommittee on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment is engaged with work across schools and units to identify strategies that encourage and support assessment at the course, program, and school level.