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Northwestern Information Technology is offering various Canvas workshops each week to help get you acquainted with Canvas, the University’s learning management system. See the current listing of workshops offered and sign up by clicking the button below.

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Build Your Canvas Course Boot Camp

Take your Canvas course from empty shell to student-ready in this intensive, hands-on, half-day workshop. This workshop will provide an overview of the basic features, dynamic tools, and functionality of Canvas, paired with personalized guidance and support from a Canvas expert in building your course. 

You will be expected to bring:

  • Laptop
  • All the instructional materials needed (syllabus, files, assignments, etc.) to create your course in Canvas

Discussions in Canvas

Explore Canvas' discussion board feature in this workshop. Investigate how to get the most out of online discussions. Share ideas with other instructors about how to create more meaningful discussions by trying a unique approach. Consider using discussions for everything from group blogging to journaling.

Grading and Assignments in Canvas

In this hands-on workshop, you'll discover how much easier grading and creating assignments can be in Canvas. You'll learn tips and tricks on making assignments and grading easier than ever. Canvas will make you say, "I can't wait to start grading."

Participants in this workshop should already be familiar with the features and functionality of Canvas by completing the Introduction to Canvas workshop.

Group Work in Canvas

Canvas provides exceptional group capabilities for students and faculty alike. This workshop will demonstrate how faculty can empower students to leverage Canvas for project management, collaboration and presentation assistance in group projects, discussions, and assignments. Faculty will also learn how to monitor, evaluate, assess and advise students before, during and after the lifetime of their project through Groups in Canvas.

Introduction to Canvas

Build your Canvas course with confidence! This workshop provides an overview of the basic features, dynamic tools, and functionality that allows you to build and support engaging courses.

Quizzes and Surveys in Canvas

This workshop will take a deeper look into the Canvas' quiz and survey tools. We will cover all the basics you need to start using quizzes and surveys in your Canvas courses including all the various question types you can make, to question banks, surveys, and how it all will appear in the gradebook.

Using Media in Canvas

Want to liberate your course from the monotony of plain text? Immerse your students in your course material using video and audio and give them more personalized feedback with media comments. In this workshop, we will cover the different types of media you can use in your Canvas course, from content found online, such as YouTube videos, to user-created content in Canvas‰'s media comments, all the way to how to handle copyrighted materials.