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Optimize your Northwestern @u email

Kevin Lee '20: Every student at Northwestern is provided with their own email powered by Google. Surprisingly, I find that many students don’t take full advantage of all the benefits and tools that a Google educational account provides. Here are some resources and tips to get the full use out of your Gmail account. 



Simplify Your Citations with Zotero

Spencer Colton '21: Through my painstaking and intricate research (I searched the word “citation” on LibGuides); I was able to identify three different citation services provided to Northwestern students for free: Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote. Each has different features and functionalities that make it suited to certain types of projects. Of the three, the simplest and most versatile seems to be Zotero, and I highly recommend it.



Try OneNote, a Fantastic Free Tool for Taking Notes

Spencer Colton '21: Recently, I discovered Microsoft OneNote [which Northwestern provides to all students free of charge]. It's given me a new method of taking notes on a computer. Many of OneNote's features are aimed at people whose computers have some sort of pen/tablet input, but it can be used just as well by those without.