Active Learning Environments

Active Learning Environements provide cooperative learning spaces that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching with technology that allows them to easily present work for review by peers and instructors. Its furniture is designed to facilitate small-group work and the ability for instructors to interactively coach students during activities. They offer new options for students to refine their cooperative team skills, to build confidence, and to respect others’ perspectives. 

Find an active learning classroom:

Active learning classrooms can currently be found in Annenberg G02, 132, and 303, as well as all of the classrooms in Kresge Hall and the Technological Institute (Tech) that are avaiable to reserve through the Registrar. More locations across campus coming soon! 

To request an active learning room, please see the request form listed below through the Registrar's Office. You'll need to choose Active Learning Environment from the Room Attributes dropdown in the Characteristics menu as seen here:

Request an Active Learning Classroom



Request an Active Learning Classroom

You can request an active learning classroom through the Registrar's Course Leaf Section Scheduler (CLSS).

The Garage

Building on Northwestern’s history of success in research, innovation and discovery, The Garage provides space and programming that leverages our strengths and allows students to experiment and take their ideas to the next level. 

Northwestern University Device Lab

The Device Lab provides the Northwestern community with a playground to experience and experiment with the new technologies shaping the future of storytelling. The lab welcomes any NU faculty, students, or staff who want to try something new.