Lessons Learned from Being an EdTech Fellow: Karrie Snyder

Posted July 28, 2016 by Jeanne Kerl

During the 2015-2016 academic year, more than 20 instructors participated in the Educational Technology Teaching Fellows (ETTF) program. This is part of a series of blog posts about what professors gained from being EdTech Fellows.

Professor Karrie Snyder wanted to make her Social Problems course more engaging. She asked her students to create multimedia projects using the Pages area of Canvas instead of assigning traditional papers. Snyder thought that students’ digital skills would be enhanced and that the multimedia projects would be similar to what students might be asked to accomplish in their future workplaces. Students researched a topic and then explained in-depth how that topic was a “social problem” using criteria they’d learned in the course.

Hesitant about how these projects could be built in Canvas and worried that she would be bombarded with technical questions that she wouldn’t have time to answer,  our staff offered to create a how-to guide for her students. The guide explained what Canvas’s Rich Content Editor can do, and posting it averted many student questions. We also helped Snyder set up Pages in Canvas for the projects and showed her how to keep the pages private until students were ready to present their final product.

Snyder was pleased with the results and noticed that “this format did improve the analytical part of the assignment for many students.” Here’s an example of a student project, if you are curious how they might look.

Want to know how to set up these sorts of projects in your class? Want to download the student how-to guide that we created for Snyder’s class? You’ll find all that in this blog post. To learn more about Snyder’s TEACHx presentation, read her description.

Interested in being a fellow for the upcoming academic year? Learn more details about the program here. Note: You do not have to have a fully formed project idea to apply. We can help you figure out what teaching with technology idea you would like to pursue.