BlueJeans videoconferencing now integrated with Panopto video management tool

Since its initial rollout at Northwestern, faculty have been asking for a way to easily edit and share the recordings they make in Northwestern's videoconferencing system BlueJeans. Today we are excited to announce that the wait is over!

BlueJeans has now rolled out an exciting integration with Panopto, Northwestern's video management platform. This integration allows meetings recorded in BlueJeans to be automatically uploaded into Panopto. It not only provides a single location for all of your video content in Northwestern’s cloud environment, but also allows for the recordings to be transcribed, highlighted, and categorized for better search results.

To access your BlueJeans recordings in Panopto, login to Panopto using your Net ID and password using the NU ADFS option from the Sign In dropdown menu and navigate to the BLUEJEANS_MEETINGS subfolder in your My Folder. Screenshot below.

Panopto Blue Jeans Integration screenshot

Please note that the integration is not retroactive so the appearance of BlueJeans recordings in Panopto will only occur for new videos.

This integration makes it easy to record a meeting or event, edit out the parts you don’t want to share and close caption using Panopto’s in-browser editor, and share/embed it anywhere on the web for on-demand viewing. Try it today!