Experimental Teaching and Learning Analytics Interest Group

Experimental Teaching and Learning Analytics at Northwestern (ETLAN) is a group of faculty, staff, and graduate students who share an interest in teaching and learning analytics.

ETLAN meets as a group once per quarter, and the meetings are designed to expand expertise in the use of data to improve learning and teaching. Members will share their analytics interests, goals, and use of specific methods, resources, and data. Meetings will spawn and serve as a testing ground for new learning analytics projects as well as bring to light interesting developments in the field.

Conversation topics have included development and evaluation of metrics for online course engagement; tools for discussion analytics; data sources, policies, and procedures; measuring gender-biased grading; and data-driven efforts to improve teaching and learning outcomes within Northwestern’s schools and departments.

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Speaker Series

In consultation with continuing and new members of ETLAN and coordinating with the TEACHxperts series, the group will arrange for speakers on the topic of teaching and learning analytics. Some speakers may address the group privately, and ETLAN members will have a chance to discuss speakers’ remarks during meetings.

Interested in Joining?

New interest group members are always welcome to join us. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2722350/Experimental-Teaching-and-Learning-Analytics-Interest-Form

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