Recording and Streaming Departmental Events

Recording and Streaming Departmental Events

Considerations and recommendations for recording and streaming live departmental events such as job talks, guest speakers, and more.

As we return to campus amidst still challenging times, many departments seek to better understand how live events, such as invited guest speakers, colloquia, job talks, and receptions can be bridged into the virtual space.

This workshop aims to briefly introduce key ways that departmental events can be streamed or recorded via Zoom using some of the newest and best technology available across campus.

We will cover:

* example camera and microphone technology recently added to campus spaces and how to access it

* how to use Zoom with resident USB microphones and cameras, or how to connect alternative cameras and microphones

* considerations for low-tech and no-tech spaces

* the DTEN Zoom Room Cart and how/where it's best used

* planning events: thinking through the logistics of sharing slideshow presentations, remote and local audience engagement

This workshop is intended primarily for Weinberg departmental support staff (Program Assistants, Department Assistants, Business Assistants) but can welcome additional staff and faculty as space permits.