New Educational Technologies

In order to support the most effective learning, Northwestern provides a number of new educational technologies to our instructors. The tools listed below are all available for immediate use.


Northwestern Learning Apps

Learning Apps can be used in any Canvas course at Northwestern to provide an additional tool or functionality. Learning Apps extend Canvas in specific ways for faculty and students, from built-in analytics to customizable discussion boards. 

Record Myself & Slides

One Button Studio, located on the first floor of the University Library, allows faculty, staff, and students to produce and record professional-quality video projects. 

Easy & Safe File Sharing

Box is an easy-to-use file sharing software that can help you easily store, share, and access files from almost any device in a safe manner.

Host, Record, & Share a Videoconference

Blue Jeans is a cloud-based audio/video/content sharing conferencing service that can be used to enhance campus classes or facilitate online courses.

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Record & Share Lectures

Mediasite is a lecture capture and management service. It provides the ability to transmit live and on-demand video streams over the Internet, or record and store them for on-demand viewing by students from a web browser.

Student Response System

The Student Response System (SRS) allows instructors to pose questions and gather students' responses during a lecture.

Find & Share Entire Movies or Clips

The Avalon Media System is Northwestern’s online system for managing and providing access to large collections of digital audio and video. It allows anyone with a Northwestern NetID to easily search the University’s archive for images or videos.

Desktop Lecture Capture & Live Streaming

Panopto is a lecture capture tool for training, teaching, and presenting. Record, webcast, manage, and search all of your video content.

Record Myself in Canvas

Easily record and embed short videos with your webcam and insert them into your Canvas class announcements and pages with Canvas Video.