Video: In Case You Missed It

Since our launch last May, the Digital Learning website has strived to bring you stories the best stories of educational innovation across Northwestern. Check out the video below to catch up on what you might’ve missed:

ICYMI: Northwestern Digital Learning, the 1st Nine Months!

Video by Northwestern Advanced Media Production Studio (NUAMPS)


More on the stories from the video: 

Luther and the West MOOC: Bringing Scholarship to a Global Audience

Luther and the West focuses on the work of Martin Luther and explores the ways that Luther’s message still has meaning and resonates with contemporary Western society. Enroll in the course. 

Panel on Active Learning Spaces: Discussing Innovation and Teaching

The Panel on Active Learning Spaces provided faculty and staff with an opportunity to hear from colleagues and experts who have used active learning spaces on campus in innovative ways. See the upcoming events.

The Lightboard: Blended Learning Teaching Tool

The Lightboard allows an instructor to create video lectures and directly interact with handwritten notes and diagrams while facing the camera. Schedule the studio.

TEACHx: The Intersection of Technology and Teaching

Northwestern’s annual celebration of our growing educational technology community of practice and its innovations across campus. Register to attend.

Teri Odom’s Freshman Seminar: Leveraging Technology to Flip the Classroom

Students in Teri Odom’s Freshman Seminar on nanoscience are required to present their learning as a multimedia project.

Todd Murphey’s Class: Experimenting with Robots and Math in the Garage

Todd Murphey innovated his curriculum by both introducing simple programmable robots to implement optimal control techniques and by moving the physical location of the class to The Garage.

Wildcat Geogame: Gamifying Geography

Candy Lee collaborated with Northwestern IT and the Library to develop a game whose goal is to increase geography knowledge. Play it on the Daily Northwestern.