Get Started

Many instructors at Northwestern are experimenting with new ways to improve teaching and learning in the classroom and virtually through new technologies and tools. Whether it’s developing a full-blown online course or simply becoming more familiar with the Canvas learning management system, there are many opportunities to try new technologies and to connect with others.

Northwestern offers a wealth of opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to get involved with cutting edge digital initiatives on campus and online.

  • New Educational Technologies outline the most cutting-edge tools available to Northwestern instructors and how to take advantage of them.
  • Learning Communities provide a way for instructors to come together to share their learnings as they experiment. There are multiple types of communities depending on your goals.
  • Funding Opportunities provide a way to support larger-scale and more intensive digital learning projects.

From here, you can find information on current and upcoming pilot projects, learn about our campus learning communities and how to join them, and discover new ways to fund your future projects. 

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