MOOC Successes on Campus

When Northwestern launched its first MOOC in 2013, we knew it would reach global audiences and attract thousands of participants. But we have also learned that MOOCs are having a very positive impact on the learning experiences of our Northwestern students and the way our instructors are approaching teaching.

Through MOOCs, Northwestern instructors have discovered new tools, created multi-use content, and learned more about how student their students learn. For example, when one student out of 23 incorrectly answers a question, that is not very meaningful. However, when 1,000 out of 23,000 MOOC learners miss a question, it may be a sign of a poorly constructed question, or content that is particularly challenging. Videos produced for MOOCs have been repurposed for use in flipped-classrooms and are now shared widely in some departments.

Perhaps most meaningfully, MOOCs have reinvigorated a dialogue about teaching and learning at Northwestern and globally. We welcome you to engage in this discussion about enhancing digital learning on campus. 


Report on Northwestern's first MOOCs


Northwestern conducted an analysis of the first cohort of MOOCs, developed and launched in 2013 - 2014. The resulting report assesses Northwestern’s overall strategy for MOOCs, and considers the benefits gained and implications as the University moves ahead with this initiative. Read the report on Northwestern's first MOOCs.